Promo Code for Watching Thai Expat TV

Promo Code for Watching Thai Expat TV

The other day I wrote a review of Thai Expat TV which allows you to watch British TV in Thailand (see here). I had used one of their free trials to watch channels like BBC and ITV on my iPad here in Thailand without using a VPN. As I already have an Apple TV, I was able to send the streaming picture to my large screen TV. Quality was excellent and the signal only dropped out if my Internet became slow. (They recommend at least 3MB for this not to happen.) Apart from being able to watch on the big screen, the iPad version (also works on Android and Mac) allows me to timeshift by being able to pick anything to watch over the last 24 hours for each channel. This immediately solves the time zone problem.

Despite this I was still undecided about going for a subscription once my free trial finished. I don’t really watch TV that much and wasn’t sure if I would get my money’s worth. But then, I got some favourable recommendations from subscribers in the comments of my review blog. Then to top that, I got an email from Thai Expat TV with this Christmas promotion deal. Use the promo code XMAS until 31 December to get 3 months for only 1,199 Baht (includes 200 Baht set-up fee). The normal price is 1,940 Baht for three months. This new monthly price of 399 Baht sounded too tempting to me. So, here I am now typing this blog and with the BBC on my TV in the background. I have had it on a lot the last few days and I’m loving it. If you are thinking about doing this then make sure you ask Thai Expat TV them for a free trial first in order to check to see if your internet speed is reliable enough.

9 thoughts on “Promo Code for Watching Thai Expat TV

        1. I have now got expat tv was very fast delivery and I paid by pay pal as I have some portection there seems to be many sites that seem be scams.!
          The service from expat tv is good no issues vod and live tv so I would recomend this service if you want to see all the uk free view channels….. yes it dose cost money fine you just have to pay for the service you get, and the equipment that you are useing like the servers back bone routers the vpn and maintenance of it all….

          I also use ilikehd for the sports channels etc also paid via paypal so I am safe month in advance so if it was closed down you dont loose much. The service is not quite as good as it suffers from a little buffering but ok…. this is probably due to the server and lines to and from it I think, and not my local isp… as the expat tv server is very stable… both services good value..

          Regards clive

          My sky costs in the uk are about 3500bt per month so all this is very good value…. I will have to buy a iptv box for me stream directley to my tv as I have not got a smart tv as yet.

  1. been watching this great service 2 days ,no buffering ,good picture ,been on a sling box for 2 years which is usless compeared to thai expat

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