False Advertising on Madame Tussauds Bangkok Facebook Page

False Advertising on Madame Tussauds Bangkok Facebook Page

As part of my job as a travel blogger here in Thailand, I am always on the lookout for not only new attractions, but also special offers that could be of interest to my readers. That is why this poster on the Facebook page of Madame Tussauds Bangkok caught my attention (see here). It looks like that Madame Tussauds and Siam Ocean World have joined together to produce a combined ticket. As you can see, the poster as well as most of their Facebook page is all in Thai. It basically says that with the Silver Package you save 25% and the Gold Package you save 40% off the full prices. Sounds very attractive. Here is the breakdown:

Adults: 850 Baht discounted to only 630 Baht
Children: 630 Baht discounted to only 470 Baht

Adults: 3,750 Baht discounted to only 2,250 Baht.

The Gold Package apparently includes a wax hand, a photo, 5D cinema, glass bottom boat and Ocean Walker. Sounds pretty good. There was a link on the Facebook page in English for more information. So, I clicked on it. This is when it got confusing. The prices on their website didn’t match the prices on this advertising poster. Here is what it said in English on their website:

Adults: 1,700 Baht discounted to 1,360 Baht
Children: 1,300 Baht discounted to 1,040 Baht

Adults: 4,600 Baht discounted to only 2,760 Baht.

As you can see, the prices are much higher than what they were advertising on their Facebook page. Good job I checked the website first. If I had gone to the venue I would have been very shocked about the price difference. Surely this cannot be dual pricing going on here? After all, Paul Williams, the General Manager for Madame Tussauds Bangkok clearly said in an interview with AsiaTraveltips.com that there wouldn’t be two prices: “We won’t be operating a dual pricing policy”, he said. “We found that was rather strange and decided not to go down that road.” Click here for the video interview.

I have already posted on their Facebook page (see here) asking them to clear up this confusion. At the very least, they need to update this poster to say that the prices are not for foreign tourists.

UPDATE: Madame Tussauds has finally replied to my question:-

Dear all, my apologies for late reply and thank you for your comments regarding our admissions pricing and for your interest in Madame Tussauds Bangkok & Siam Ocean World. With respect to Thailand, we’d done a research and it tells us that dual pricing is very common practice and indeed across leisure attractions and museums it remains the norm rather than the exception. Rather than adopt a one-pricing policy fits all markets approach, we prefer to adapt our own businesses to fit with the local marketplace. We also adapt our visuals and language according to the country we find ourselves and this is even more so within the Kingdom of Thailand. You can always see both language for the online sale. I’m sorry you find this policy disagreeable but we firmly believe our pricing remains fair and affordable.The local and expat discount rate is 450 baht. This is for entrance only. The 800 baht baht rate includes entrance, a guide book (200 baht value) and a photo discount voucher(also 200 baht value). However, just to clarify, if you intend to visit our attraction, the special discounted rate is applicable to all locals and expats alike – 450 baht. Some form of proof, be it a driving licence, proof of residency (not automatically a residence permit) or other forms of identification is all that is necessary to benefit from these rates. Thanks again for all comments and it will reach to our management.

At least they were courteous unlike Asiatique who just deleted my comments and banned me. But, they didn’t really explain why the poster doesn’t make it clear there is a two price policy.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MadameTussaudsBangkok
Website: www.madametussauds.com

10 thoughts on “False Advertising on Madame Tussauds Bangkok Facebook Page

  1. Hi Richard, I support your views in terms of dual pricing. However there seem to be a fair amount of people jumping on board crying foul over every instance they have come across in Thailand. Therefore I would like to know what you think about pricing policies at sites that are of significant importance (historic, religious, cultural).

    Instances where an attraction falls into the above categories I feel it is appropriate to offer Thai residents free entry. After all, it is their culture/history/religion.

    As a guest in this country I also accept that where an attraction is funded by taxes citizens and residents in Thailand should be free, or pay a reduced amount.

    As for private businesses, dual pricing should be outlawed in my opinion.

    Do you agree with the above?

    1. My opinion is that they can have dual pricing if they like but they must be transparent about it. This means clearly showing the two prices in Thai and English. All royal palaces around Thailand do this which I applaud. Thai numerals are never used in shops. It’s only used when they want to hide the real price. It’s this practice that I want to change as it is deceitful.

  2. “Instances where an attraction falls into the above categories I feel it is appropriate to offer Thai CITIZENS free entry. After all, it is their culture/history/religion”

  3. I like what you do Richard. We both live in Thailand and love this country. It doesn’t mean it is perfect and sometimes, we have to complain, to teach them what is equality of rights, that some policies are bad, like dual pricing.

    I actually prefer when you are a little bit more critic, like here. I do not read you often, but I remember some of your posts during the flood in Bangkok last year and I thought you were too much “pro” Thailand. As a long term foreigner, I believe a teacher to Thai students, never stop to questions how things are done. You have a big audience and should use it to make this country better, like I personally try to make things better in my field: Law.

    Thanks for your work.


  4. You can bet your a** I will never visit Madame Tussauds or Siam Oceans World.

    Dual pricing sucks no matter how you look at it. I’ve been here 17 years and have never liked it, never will. I’m married to a Thai and we have two children together. Of course, when I go somewhere, my wife and children are charged the Thai price, I’m charged a Farang price. My children look like Farang and occasionally they are told they need to pay the foreigner price (in a hospital, if you can believe that). This gets irritating at times but they have no problem speaking up in Thai and stating they were born here. They’ve lived here all their lives, I live here year round and contribute to the economy, and when I see a place charging a higher price for tourists I usually simply refuse to go. This is the only way I know how to protest the issue.

    Madame Tussauds and Siam Ocean World are a no go for me. Ramkhamhaeng Museum entrance fee is 5X higher for foreigners than for Thais?! 150 baht vs 30 baht. I guess I won’t be visiting this place. They really need to review their policies.

  5. I still would like to visit madame tussauds and Siam ocean world. Although the dual pricing is confusing me a lot, it is their fault to have such discrimination. However, the website says if you pay online for 2 standard online ticket it is 1260 bhat in total. Now, i want to know if this is actually the real price or not. I dont like suprises and i want a low price as we are not rich spenders. Below the website it clearly states the thai resident only part, but after reading a lot i am really confused.

    I also would like to know what to expect with just the admission fee. We just want to take some pictures and see the place.

    I hope i get a reply soon, we will be going to bangkok on he 24th december.

    1. Dual pricing should be challenged under clause 30 of the Thai constitution. It a clause regarding equality. It would be nice for someone to try to challenge the government on that, like national park fees and others. Clause 30 mentions that EVERYONE, not every citizen, EVERYONE is equal.

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