Then and Now: Thailand’s Trains

Then and Now: Thailand’s Trains

I love these “Then and Now” pictures. This is another one taken in Thailand. The one on the left is of a train taken in 1980. The one on the right is what the modern railway looks like today in Thailand. As you can see, it is exactly the same train still running. Picture is from the Facebook page of “Then and Now” Thailand.

4 thoughts on “Then and Now: Thailand’s Trains

  1. It’s an awful thing that getting aged and older. However there are also the people those who are looking better as getting older. Even some of them are looking much younger than then as aged.

  2. The train system in Thailand is truly shocking because it’s so antiquated despite having relatively good infrastructure in other areas. I hope the high speed railway they plan to build here does actually happen one day but unless a deal is struck with the Chinese and the politicians don’t change their minds every 2 days I’m afraid it could be decades before it happens.

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