Statistics about Using Internet on Mobile Phones in Thailand

Statistics about Using Internet on Mobile Phones in Thailand


This graphic shows statistics for internet usage on mobile phones in Thailand for the year 2012. The data is gathered from and which in turn gathers information about Thai websites and users who visit them. The top mobile device in Thailand is iPhone at 46.54%. This is followed by iPad (31.19%), Nokia (8.58%), Blackberry (5.15%) and iPod (3.88%). For operating systems on mobiles, Apples iOS far outweighs Android. The top mobile networks in Thailand are True Move at 21.78%, followed by TOT (15.19%), DTAC (12.21%) and AIS (10.62%). The top social networks in Thailand are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter. As things are changing very quickly I am sure that if they did a snapshot for December 2012 that they will have very different results.

5 thoughts on “Statistics about Using Internet on Mobile Phones in Thailand

  1. Hi, Richard I live in Florida, I converse with Stephen Cleary a lot ( Thailand ). I hope they get there 3G or even 4G service going. It sure would make things a little easier. I only use IPhone 4. Thank you, I follow you on twitter. Good job.

  2. Top devices make up over 90% and there’s not a single Android phone among them. Where did the 50 mil Android usage on the other chart come from? From the remaining 5-6%? Those Android users must be real internet addicts, generating a quarter of traffic of iOS that make up over 80% of devices.

    That’s like four times more Internet usage on an average Android than on iOS.

    Or these stats could be just lame, that would explain it, too.

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