New Shelter for the Homeless in Bangkok

New Shelter for the Homeless in Bangkok


I have always wondered what happens about the homeless in Thailand. In the West there are shelters and soup kitchens to help them, but I’ve never heard of anything similar in Thailand. Then yesterday came news that the BMA has opened a home for people who have no-where to sleep at night. It’s called Ban Im-Jai and is next to the Waterworks Authority at Mansri Intersection.


The building has three floors. On the ground floor there is a canteen and rooms for occupational training. The 2nd floor has 100 beds for women and the 3rd floor has 100 beds for men. People can check-in for free after 3pm but they have to leave by 9am. There are two free meals at 6pm and 7am. There are lockers, showers and a laundry.

I think this great. But I just hope that there is more than one such place in Bangkok. Has anyone heard of similar projects?

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        1. I’ve found your blog in RE to homeless shelters about a couple of days ago, however whenever i try to tell my taxi about it, we can’t call the number, and he isn’t 100% certian as to where exactly it is. Can i get an address/updated number? I’ll be heading out in about 2.5 hrs.–also my driver’s pronounceing it “man-tree” wich is scareing me that he’ll take me to a place way the frik off into the wrong place. however with your help, i can get my situation hashed out until the 1st, where i’ll be good.

      1. In Northeast Thailand a forest wat will take people in if they have thee facilities. Food, whatever is available is shared between 0700 and 0830 depending on sunrise

  1. This is great to see! I wonder if there are opportunities for farang volunteers? Not sure what they could do, or if lack of work permit while ‘working’ at a government office might be a problem…

  2. Hey there,
    is there any possibility to contact some people in charge of this shelter? I’m a freelance writer, will stay in Bangkok for a short time in the beginning of January, would like to write some story about it. I would be pleased with some info.

    Thanks and cheers,

  3. How can I get in contact with them? My boyfriend and I want to volunteer there but I cannot find the phone number or address. Can you help?

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