Free Chargers at Terminal 21

Free Chargers at Terminal 21


This is very cool. How many times have you been out and your smartphone runs out of battery? Well, if you are at Terminal 21, then you can just use this charging station for free. There are wires for all kinds of phones such as iPhone, BB & Samsung. Just connect your phone and then lock the door. Your phone stays safe and charges while you go shopping. I guess they need this at Terminal 21 as it is one of the most photographed malls in Bangkok on social media.

RT @noppatjak: ชาร์จแบตฟรี iPhone, BB, Samsung มีหมด เสียบชาร์จ > ล็อกกุญแจ > กลับมาเอา แจ๋ว @ Terminal 2

5 thoughts on “Free Chargers at Terminal 21

  1. I looked everywhere in Terminal 21 for this station and could not find it. I spoke to two information desks and they confirmed it does not exist. I’d appreciate it if you specify its exact location.

  2. Actually they do have this at the airport inSingapore. As Changi reminds me of singapore and i have used this charging thing at Singapore airport

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