Carrot Coupon Kiosk

Carrot Coupon Kiosk


If like me you live or work along the new stretch of the Skytrain between BTS On Nut and BTS Bearing, then you already have one of the new Rabbit cards. But, have you used these kiosks yet to claim rewards and print out coupons? They are pretty cool and easy to use. I spotted this one at BTS Ploenchit.


2 thoughts on “Carrot Coupon Kiosk

    1. You can use the kiosk to print out coupons that you can use at various shops and restaurants. You can also use it to redeem points which I have never done. I have never used my rabbit card outside of the BTS system yet. I will blog again once I have done that. Today I just wanted to bring attention to these kiosks.

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