Thai Food at McDonald’s

Thai Food at McDonald’s

At the same time that the Vegetarian Festival started in Thailand, McDonald’s has come out with this special deal for their mouth-watering “McD Namtok Rice” menu. I’m trying to be vegetarian but these pictures are just too tempting. The picture above is McD Chicken Namtok rie. They also have McD Pork Namtok rice and McD Beed Namtok Rice. The price is 59 Baht or just 69 Baht with a drink. Fortunately for me, this promotion goes on for a few months. I think this might be my first meal after the Vegetarian Festival has finished.

9 thoughts on “Thai Food at McDonald’s

  1. I couldnt resist one of these earlier in the year, if just for the novelty factor.

    It wasnt bad but FAR too sweet for my liking, and of course not spicy enough.

    With iceberg lettuce being a dominating flavour, it reminded me of a de-constructed McChicken Burger …. and rice.

  2. The Thai dishes at KFC are good IMO, especially the Gai sap (spicy chicken).
    Mc D’s attempt does not cut it for me.
    Way too sweet

      1. The beef one is actually not bad. Or the pork. And as posted already, they use good quality rice. Go on Richard, give it a try.

  3. Probably not for me 😛 I am Thai and I like Thai dishes from McD’s more than KFC.

    Anyway, it is hard to tell which one is better if you have it as a first meal after vegetarian festival finish.

  4. What always amazes about these fast food places and the likes of 7-11 etc. is that they always seem to use a decent grade of rice, much better than the majority of street food in Thailand.

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