Release Date and Official Prices for iPhone 5 in Thailand

Release Date and Official Prices for iPhone 5 in Thailand

UPDATE: The latest news is that the launch date has been delayed until Friday 2nd November 2012. More news soon.

We are now coming close to the official launch of the iPhone 5 in Thailand. Last night, Post Today said on their website that the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has already approved Apple’s request to sell the iPhone in Thailand. According to NBTC, Apple is expected to be selling the iPhone in Thailand at these prices:

16GB 22,450 Baht
32GB – 26,350 Baht
64GB – 30,250 Baht

Thai media and Apple fan sites are all saying that the iPhone 5 will be released in Thailand at the end of October. As this always happens on a Friday, we are looking at either the 19th October or 26th October. Most likely it will be the second date. True Move, DTAC and AIS are expected to hold launch events on the Thursday evening preceding these dates.

The advice now is that if you haven’t bought an iPhone 5 yet and want to buy one, then wait for the official release. The following are the prices for the iPhone 5 in the grey market at MBK. Please note, as the iPhone isn’t out in Thailand yet, none of these models come with a warranty. If you buy today and it breaks, you will have to fly to Hong Kong to get it fixed.

16GB 32,500 Baht
32GB – 36,500 Baht
64GB – 41,000 Baht

I will post again as soon as the mobile phone carriers in Thailand confirm these prices and dates.

32 thoughts on “Release Date and Official Prices for iPhone 5 in Thailand

  1. The carriers find out when we find out. Apple are in complete control, only they will decide when it ships. Stupid to think the carriers will have prior knowledge, as they are not privy to the rollout schedule.

    They’re basically dictated to.

    Now pricing if based on previous occasions will be cheaper direct from Apple than if bought from True, DTAC or AIS. Though it has been mentioned that the pricing is fixed by Apple, this is simply not the case.

    The real reason for the price difference are the networks trying to claw back cash from the carrier subsidies that are paid to Apple.

    So if you want the cheapest price without a contract get the phone from

    Thailand is on rollout four in the schedule, until we hear about the next rollout countries (rollout 3) I wouldn’t get too excited. Yes it will be here by December, but how much before then is anyone’s guess.

    Thailand isn’t top tier because the networks pay lower subsidies to Apple, so LoS is not a priority country.

    Btw my iPhone 5 is ace and I’ve been getting very good download speeds with hspa+. Not as great as LTE but great nonetheless.

  2. Hi richard, nice to see there is an english blog in thailand as well where the blogger is up to date with most things. its really refreshing to know a little more about the release dates in thailand. however, can you verify that the iPhone 5 will be released in the 26th? and hey! i added you to my bookmarks 🙂
    -Mark (Chiang mai, Thailand)

  3. Flew to Singapore 2 weeks ago for fun, met up with some friends and went to apple stores there to buy it since it’s even cheaper to fly there and buy it than to buy grey market phones here in Thailand. Unfortunately they’re all sold out and don’t know when they are back in stock. Moved from the states 5 months ago and REFUSE to overpay for anything above the sticker price in the U.S. Thankfully will be going back during Thanksgiving and will pick one up there.

    1. if the launch date is as said to be the 2nd of november, i’d say you would be able to buy it at any major thai carrier store. e.g. True Move, AIS and DTAC

        1. well.. it was predictable. good thing i told my friend too take a look at the booking sites on friday. but lets say that i wanna book one Monday the 29th, when will i possibly get it?

        2. Went to True today and reservations were only being accepted for the 16GB Iphone 5. No announcement was made for the 32GB or 64GB models, but representatives did say “soon”.

          Anyone have any idea or approximation as to when they will begin accepting reservations for the other 2 models?

  4. Pre-orded an Iphone 5 today, as finally the 64GB version is available for pre-order as apposed to only the 16GB from True. Assuming since the 16GB arrives on 3/4th of Nov….guessing that the 32GB and 64GB will be ready for pickup by 6/7th of November. Finally Thailand get’s the Iphone 5….about damn time!

  5. You also can order from apple online store Thailand.shipping around 2-4 weeks.However Thailand is the first lot countries which launching the iPad Mini and iPad with retina display on the same date as iPhone 5 launch day.
    But as of now can order only wifi model.wifi+Cellular will be announced soon.

    very surprise !!

    1. Went to get another update from True today and they said since I pre-ordered mine on the 1st the 32GB and 64GB Iphone 5 models should be in by Nov 16th. Sigh….tired of waiting!

  6. Hi. Today is November 2nd. Have the sales commenced for iPhone5 in Thailand? And, do you know if it will be SIM-free? If so, will nano-SIM cards be available through convenience stores? Thanks.

      1. Hi Richard. Thanks for your response. Basically I am really more concerned about whether or not they are SIM-free (can use the Thai iPhone any where in the world) and secondly, if the nano-SIM cards can be purchased at local 7-Eleven and other outlets as is currently the case with mini-SIMs and the standard SIM. I am resident in Tokyo and not Bangkok, but will be travelling there at the end of January as we usually do. Wife has the iPhone 4S purchased through True on the previous visit and uses in Japan just fine. Mine is AT&T from the U.S. (also SIM-free) and works fine. So, I am wondering if the new iPhone5 being sold in Thailand follows suit on being SIM free. Cheers,

      2. Is the iPhone5 SIM-free in Thailand? And, if so, are they selling the nano-SIM cards at convenience stores and other outlets? Thanks.

          1. Thanks a lot Richard. I appreciate the information. I live in Tokyo and have already gotten an iPhone5 through the local carrier AU (formerly KDDI). We visit Thailand annually or semi-annually, and have been doing so since the 1970s. Former roommate back in Chicago was a foreign student from Thailand and I am still in contact with him. I want to use the iPhone5 while I am there. Then, being unlocked, plan to use it in Japan and sell the locked iPhone5 (to offset my investment) on the local Yahoo Japan auction. Crazy process but, I’ve done this on the last couple iterations. Japan (and Korea for that matter) are so locked down on this SIM-locking it’s irritating. I want a true global phone.

            I plant to be there 2/1 to 2/7 of 2013. Perhaps we can meet up. I usually stay in the Soi 13 area (near Nana Station).

            Tokyo, Japan

  7. so, why does ais and dtac etc charge more for an unlocked phone than apple online store?

    Something they learned from MBK dealers?

  8. hello. Could you pls let me know if the Iphone 5 has been officially launched in thailand. I shall be there in Bangkok on 17th Nov. planning to buy one. Pls advise where i can buy if it is officailly available in thailand.

    1. They are available right now and i belive also in smaller provinces of thailand but to what i know, right now only for order at all 3 major carriers. The 16 GB Model should come within a week or so after ordering and the 32 and 64 GB model should be shipped within a Month.
      with a so called VIP account, you should get yours within a week or less but they don’t just give out these accounts. a few of my friends have these accounts and i was not smart enough to order my iPhone using their accounts. I haven’t got my 64 GB model that i ordered on the 4th Yet. So unless you’re planning to stay for a while you won’t get the iPhone here. but then again, by the time you read this, things might have changed.

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