Railway Museum in Bangkok to Open for the Last Time Today

Railway Museum in Bangkok to Open for the Last Time Today

The Hall of Railway Heritage in Chatuchak Park in Bangkok is due to open today for the last time. Tuesday 23rd October 2012 is Chulalongkorn Day and as King Rama V is regarded as the Father of the Thai Railway, events will be held at the museum.  The Hall of Railway Heritage has been a favourite destination for rail enthusiasts since it first opened 23 years ago. However, during recent years the number of visitors has dropped and when I was there the other month the shutters were down. The free museum is run by a group of volunteers. From what I have heard, the State Railway of Thailand are building a new museum to house these unique and irreplaceable artefacts from Thailand’s history. As soon as I find out more information I will let you know.

6 thoughts on “Railway Museum in Bangkok to Open for the Last Time Today

  1. Apparently, they’re moving to a new site in Pak Chong.

    At 1pm, there was a small crowd of circa 20 people. Some looked like Media people though, but I didn’t ask. Was hard to imagine that this place would close down “forever” in less than 2 hours

    The “Curator Uncle” was Live on the radio last night (Tuesday 23rd)

  2. The Japanese Kyosan Kogyo 0-4-0T loco N°10089, built in 1959, has been restored to working order & since 11 December 2012 has been running on Thailand’s newest line at the Thong Somboon Club resort near Pak Chong. Displayed in the resort’s main station are some of the smaller artefacts from the museum, that belong to it’s former curator – Chulsiri Viryasiri. This has now become Thailand’s latest operational locomotive.

      1. Are any of the remaining trams on display in Bangkok or elsewhere. The new science museum does not look to have any appropriate display from their web site.
        Is the modern metal car still at the offices on a plinth or is that long gone.

  3. I have a manuscript letter in Thai Chancery hand signed by HM Chulalongkorn Rama V and bearing the royal seal, with similar envelope, thanking the head of Egypt Railways in Alexandria for a job well done, presumably after a rail journey there. It really deserves to return to Thailand after all these years. Whom should I contact in Thailand to discuss its return?

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