Official Prices of iPhone 5 in Thailand

Official Prices of iPhone 5 in Thailand

True Move has just released the official prices of iPhone 5 in Thailand. You can reserve the device on their website now. No news yet from AIS and DTAC.

iPhone 5 with no contract:
16GB 24,550B, 32GB 28,250 & 64GB 31,950B

iPhone with contract:
16GB 23,677B, 32GB 27,283B & 30,807B

Prices already include VAT

13 thoughts on “Official Prices of iPhone 5 in Thailand

    1. Sure, ha-ha-ha, because I knew Richard meant to say iPhone 5 instead of iPhone 4, 555! In the US the price for a 32g unlocked will be 22,500 soon, supposedly 16500 after November 8th, but that’s not confirmed.

  1. I plan on buying the i5, been waiting for it a long time. As for the price, ya it’s a hefty one. However, when you calculate (if you lived back home in the states) a two-year phone contract with Verizon or AT&T, say at $40 a month times 24 months, that equals $960. So whether you pay a little at a time, or lump sum, it all works out about the same.

  2. Is it a good idea to buy a second hand iphone 5 on mbk in bkk (18,000 thb) Is it only orginal iphone 5 with nano sim or is it in a good copy iphone 5 too?

    1. Sorry, I am not going to give you that advice unless you know what you are dealing with and are an expert in spotting fakes. Of course, a fake won’t take a Nano SIM. Won’t even load Apple apps.

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