Massive Taxi Queues at Don Mueang

Massive Taxi Queues at Don Mueang

This is a picture of a very slow moving queue for the taxis at Don Mueang Airport this evening. Say what you will about Suvarnanbhumi, but you hardly ever get long queues like this. There are usually well over 500 taxis on standby in the nearby car park. Don Mueang is a different matter. The last time that I landed at Don Mueang I was also faced with a queue like this. I then went up to departures like I do at Suvarnnabhumi but there were no taxis there at all. The last plane had already taken off for the evening. The person who took this picture said that she was already in the queue for an hour and it was hardly moving. Don Mueang may have 15 Million Baht toilets, but give me Suvarnabhumi any day.

8 thoughts on “Massive Taxi Queues at Don Mueang

  1. I heard you used to be able to take a walk-way over the expressway and take a train into BKK from DM. Is this still possible or did it go away when the airport was left for dead?

      1. You can certainly still walk across the walk-way above the road and take the train – but last ones to Bangkok are at 7.56pm, 8.09pm and 10.28pm (until half two the next morning, anyway). Saw a very similar queue outside yesterday – luckily I was luggage-less yesterday as I was picking someone up (who I missed and left without!) so I was able to go down to the street and get a bus (non air-con 6.50 baht, air-con 16 baht to Hualumphong via Victory Monument) – you wouldn’t have had a problem getting a taxi from the street yesterday either (this was about 6.00pm).

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