Drive-Thru Immigration Spotted in Nonthaburi

Drive-Thru Immigration Spotted in Nonthaburi

I have seen Drive-Thru McDonald’s in Thailand and even a Drive-Thru Bank, but this is the first time that I have heard of a Drive-Thru Immigration. This one was spotted in Nonthaburi by Gordon Anderson. As you can see, it is only for the “90 Days Notification”. Apparently it was closed the day that Gordon went so he wasn’t able to test it out. It’s a good idea in theory, but how long before they turn it into a parking lot, if they haven’t already. Looks like the Nonthaburi Immigration Mobile Service van is parked in the way. I have seen things like this set up before but without a budget to maintain it, it probably won’t last. Anyway, let’s see. I could be wrong.

Have you seen any other drive-thru’s in Thailand?

3 thoughts on “Drive-Thru Immigration Spotted in Nonthaburi

  1. Just found this while searching for the Nonthaburi Immigration Van which was parked in the plaza at Central Rattanatibet last week.

    Not sure what the schedule of the van is, so was hoping some other farang around Nonthaburi would have some info….

    Will post more later if I have some news.

  2. I’ve been to Nonthaburi immigration 3 times since this was posted, and have not once seen the drive through operational. Currently it serves as a shaded spot for officers to park their cards

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