Thai police applicants told that they cannot modify their genitals

Thai police applicants told that they cannot modify their genitals

There has been a lot of news recently of cheating going on for police entrance exams in Thailand. During the recent exams, everyone had to submit themselves to a pat down and go through a metal detector. Now comes news that many people were disqualified from even taking the exams as they failed medical examinations at the Police General Hospital. I presume all of the usual contagious diseases were tested for, but according to the Bangkok Post, many people were disqualified for having tattoos on their body parts. I didn’t realize that was true for police officers, but I do know that people applying for office work will have to make sure that they don’t have any visible tattoos.

What was even more surprising is that, according to a police spokeswoman of the Royal Thai Police Office, applicants who failed the health checks also included many who had injected paraffin gel into their genitals, and those that had their genitals implanted with small beads. I am not sure how that would affect their job as this kind of thing has been going on for years in Thailand. Though recently it has become more fashionable among Thai teenagers. Boys who want to have a larger penis are self-injecting liquids such as olive oil and Vaseline. They are also apparently cutting the skin to insert small beads in order to give more pleasure to their girlfriends.

This type of self-mutilation can lead to deformities and other health risks. So much so that a few years back the Thai Health Ministry had to issue a warning against doing this. “Injecting olive oil or any liquid into penises is extremely risky,” Chatri Banchuin, chief of the Department of Medical Services, told Reuters after his office issued the public warning. “By the time they know what actually happened, it is too late,” he said. Wachira Kochawkarn, a urologist at Bangkok’s Ramathibodi Hospital added, “More and more patients are school age boys, not men in their 30s or 40s like in the past. At my hospital alone, I treat one or two patients a day who have such problems. Imagine the total number across the country?”

Sources: Bangkok Post and Reuters

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