Map of Skytrain Extension on Taksin-Phetkasem route

Map of Skytrain Extension on Taksin-Phetkasem route

Some good news for commuters in Thonburi is that the skytrain extension is near completion. At the moment, the Silom Line only goes as far as BTS Wongwian Yai (S8).  According to Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand, two more stations will open on 5 December 2012. These are BTS Pho Nimit (S9) and BTS Talad Plu (S10). Passengers will be able to use this new section for free until 15 May 2013. In addition, BTS Wuttakat (S11) and BTS Bang Wa (S12) are expected to open on 12 August 2013. Click here for my map of the skytrain extensions.

UPDATE (17 January 2013): BTS Pho Nimit opened last week. BTS Talad Plu is due to open in February 2013.

4 thoughts on “Map of Skytrain Extension on Taksin-Phetkasem route

  1. BTS Pho Nimit (S9) has been making good progress and looks almost complete. I can see BTS Talad Plu (S10 as I write this: roof partly done; other infrastructure not yet done. , BTS Wuttakat (S11) does not seem to have been started properly yet. BTS Bang Wa still has no columns finished. The t-sections at the tops of some are being poured today and tomorrow: the metal moldings are in place so no station construction is done and no track will be laid for weeks at that location.

  2. Maybe they are being a bit optimistic about opening of S9 and S10 this year and S11 and S12 next year. With the Bearing extension it looked all finished for several years before they opened it.

    So, did I get the stations in the right place? Google Earth was no help. I had to use the press release to do educational guesses.

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