iPhone 5 Expected to Arrive in Thailand Today

iPhone 5 Expected to Arrive in Thailand Today

The iPhone 5 was officially released yesterday in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. It will go on sale in 22 more countries a week later. The release date for Thailand is not known yet but some iPhone bloggers in Thailand are putting their money on late October 2012. Personally I think the earliest will be in November. Anyway, if you cannot wait that long, then you will be happy to hear that the iPhone is expected to be on sale in the grey market today, Saturday 22nd September 2012, at places like MBK in Bangkok. According to one vendor, he will start selling his offical unlocked iPhone 5’s from Hong Kong at 11 a.m. today. But initial prices will be high due to demand. Expect to pay 36,500 Baht for 16GB, 39,500 Baht for 32 GB and 43,500 Baht for 64GB.

Speaking personally, the new iPhone doesn’t really thrill me and from what I have read of the reviews so far, I probably won’t be upgrading this year.  What about you? Will you be first in line at MBK today? Wait until the end of the year for the official release in Thailand? Or keep your old iPhone?

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  1. Yes, I will upgrade from my 4, which is why I skipped the 4s. However, I won’t be buying it from MBK, waiting for True. How will it be used without the nano sim?

  2. Not impressed, not a big difference from the 4, well not enough to justify that price. I won’t be buying it.

    One positive thing about the 5 is it will make the 4 cheaper!

    1. for me.. if u want to buy iphone 5 not expensive, u must wait after 5 months. coz iphone 5 get issue october then the price
      16GB 36,500 Baht, 32GB 40,500 Baht & 64GB 44,500 Baht
      very expensive.. but look the price now in pattaya..
      iphone 5 22,000 bath. every week i go mall and ask the every vendor there. they have own price but if u wait and ask other vendo and to the offer u want.. u can get more cheaper price.. yesterday i bought iphone 4s and brand new only 13,000 baht. iphone 4s the real price was 17,999 bath in pattaya TUKCOM.

      if u are the person like gudget. when the issue of new gudget and u want to get lower price must wait 5 or 6 months.. the 99% the price will be low…

      must be practical now and dont expend to much money..
      and be loyal to ur gudget what u have…

      apple are good company. but many people are confused coz every year or month the gudget more improvement. before have only iphone 3 and now have iphone 5. same like to ipad 1 to 4 now…

      this only advice.

  3. Who uses the maps app in Thailand anyway? I started with iPhone 4 and upgraded to 4s during its first day of release in Thailand, but i never get a chance to use the maps. There are tons of new amazing features in the iOS 6 that i can’t afford to miss 🙂 I think it’s all worth the upgrade. For maps users, for sure apple will fix it sooner than you think 🙂

  4. My 5 is arriving this week from UK. 26,500 is a bit steep compared to the Thailand 4S equivalent which was 20,900. That said the VAT is being claimed back so the tax free price of around 22,500 sounds a lot better.

    I expect the official iPhone 5 release from Apple will increase from last years 4S due to currency fluctuations.

    4S 16GB 20,900 from Apple 22,400 from True (ridiculous that they bump up the prices)
    5 16GB 22,500 from Apple 23,900+ from True

    I hope True and the other networks surprise us with pricing comparable to Apple’s own official listings, but I’m not getting my hopes up! I know True we’re doing the 50% off thing, but it’s not really 50% off the phone, you have to pay 6 months upfront, the contract is 18months and the tariff isn’t great. I pay 599 and get a better deal on a rolling iPhone contract from True, I can end any time and take my phone with me if I switch.

      1. This really doesn’t make sense. Just checked Apple’s iPad prices and they are the same as True are selling. True are just blatantly price fixing and along with DTAC and AIS they are colluding to charge a price to ensure a greater amount of profit.

        Whilst I have no issues with making a profit, I don’t like the fact they are taking advantage of those who are afraid of online shopping. I would certainly trust Apple over any of the networks here in Thailand. I suggest if anybody wants an official Thai iPhone they just buy it from the Apple website. It ships from Singapore, Apple sort all the customs and taxes for you, you get the Thai version, it’s delivered by couriers like DHL and if you have any problems there are service centres all over Bangkok.

  5. How can you get the VAT back? I’m pretty sure I had to show my work permit to sign the contract (which means they know you’re not a tourist) and then you have to make the claim at the airport within 60 days, right? Also, are you sure you can get the nano sim and that they won’t put a premium on it? Seems risky, but please let us know how it works out!

    1. As I stated mine is coming from UK. VAT ie Value Added Tax is UK related. I’m claiming the 20% VAT back. Minus admin fees that should be about 4k baht.

      Though I’m a UK national, my friend who’s bringing it back isn’t. I think you’re confusing things from what I said in my last posting.

      Nano-sims are not an issue. Aside from the fact DTAC and AIS have them available, any sim can be cut down to fit. Even though the nano-sim spec shows the it’s thinner than the micro-sim people have been sanding them down to fit. Funny thing is they don’t have to do that, as the iPhone 5 will accommodate the thickness of the the micro-sim. Maybe in future iPhone revisions that will change but for now a cut down microsim will work

      1. Ok, thanks. Yeah, the baht prices confused me, but I’ve got it now. Hmmm, sanding down the sim? Please let me know how that works for you. Yes, I have heard that DTAC has them, but not what it takes to get one. Perhaps you have to sign up for a particular package and/or pay more if you don’t buy the phone from them?

        1. Shouldn’t Need to sand it down if reports are correct, I’ll let you know how I get on with it when I try cutting my True sim down to fit.

          1. So I just went into the store to change my contract from truemove to truemove h and got a great deal, they transferred me to an identical contract and I continue paying 599.

            I thought there’d be a catch but they manage to surprise me even more, I’m now in possession of a Truemove H nano sim!

            Suffice to say I’m very happy.

          2. Doesn’t work with the iPhone 4 or 4S without an adaptor which is not included with the True sim to make it bigger. Without the adaptor the sim would slip through the iPhone 4/4S sim holder.

            Phone arriving Monday, True will complete my sim transfer over the weekend so I should be ready to go soon.

  6. Hi.. Someone can help me please?
    My sister will be in this weekend on bangkok … Can she find there iPhone 5 in good price or it’s still not here yet??
    I read that the official reseller is istuido.. But the question is if they have this iPhone because I didnt think so..
    And if not in istuido where is the most safe to but the original iPhone and to get a good price??

    Thanks all!!’

    1. iPhone 5 is not officially in Thailand yet. Rumours say end of October or November. If you want to buy early here, try places like MBK. But expect to pay at least 10,000 Baht more than what it will be in less than two months. Also, if you buy now there won’t be any warranty. If it breaks you would need to fly to Singapore or Hong Kong to get it fixed.

      1. Yes and no. For a grey market iphone, I think you would be able to get it officially fixed by Apple services BUT ONLY when the official iphone is be available in Thailand. I don’t see any reason why it would not be possible. Also where are those rumors coming from regarding early launch (Oct/Nov)?

        1. I bought my girlfriend an iPhone4 in the UK which subsequently broke after 13 months. None of the Apple service stores anywhere in Thailand would fix it as they did not carry the main CPU board UK model which needed replacing.

          If you break a generic part like the screen then they can replace it. But something that is region specific, Apple in Thailand will only be able to repair the Thai model.

          We ended up scraping the phone and all of this means I now have to buy her an iPhone5 when they are released here! 🙂

  7. Anyone know good wholesale vendors in MBK or somewhere else in BKK that would want iphone 5? I am from Thailand but live in houston tx. Work for a whole sale cell phone company. Can provide iphone 5’s

  8. Your source Richard? NBTC? They couldn’t even organise an auction properly, Apple don’t have to make them privy to a release date just because they issue certification of a product.

    Foxconn supply chain issues (Foxconn have stated this themselves) puts the release in a Nov/Dec timeframe

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