How Motorcycles Deal with Traffic Jams in Bangkok

How Motorcycles Deal with Traffic Jams in Bangkok

This picture was tweeted by @motorcyrubjang yesterday. He labelled it “Special lane for motorcycles”. Of course, he was being sarcastic. Even though it is illegal for them to do so, motorcycles are often seen using the sidewalk as an extra lane. This not only makes it dangerous for pedestrians, I was once nearly knocked over by a motorcycle approaching me fast from behind, but it also damages the sidewalk. The one near my house is a mess as it just isn’t built for such traffic. I doubt the police will ever be strict as I often see them using the sidewalk too. As a car driver, you need to have eyes in the back of your head as motorcycles approach from all different directions. Even going the wrong way on some roads. When you pull out onto a road you normally have to look out for vehicles on your right. You also need to check for motorcycles approaching you on your left.

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  1. This frustrates me all the time, but I am usually able to put up with it. The other day, though, the road on my soi was gridlocked to a worse extent than I’ve ever seen it before – meaning the pavement then became almost exclusive a two-lane motorbike road. Havoc! Why can’t they comprehend that the pavement is made for pedestrians, and that motorbikes belong in the road? And Torben, in any other country the ‘bike lane’ would be taken to mean ‘bicycle lane’.

      1. Check with the Land Transport people, when I wrote my drivers license exam this was one of the questions, it is perfectly legal for motor bikes to use the sidewalk.

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