Heavy Rain in Bangkok and Central Thailand until Next Week

Heavy Rain in Bangkok and Central Thailand until Next Week

These last few days we have had some really heavy rain in the Bangkok area. This is due to a strong southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. It is expected to persist until at least Monday or Tuesday. I bought this rain gauge during my recent trip back to the UK and as you can see it wasn’t big enough for the overnight rain. I need to find another one but I have never seen them in Thailand.

As you can see from this picture tweeted tonight, there is again deep flooding around Bangkok. Some people tweeted that smaller roads were starting to be impassable for cars. Now, before you panic, this doesn’t mean a repeat of last year. The problem is that the drains cannot cope with this much downpour in such a short period. We hardly ever get heavy rain such as this. Once the rain stops most of the water will drain away within a few hours.

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  1. I was able to get a rain gauge which can hold up to 3 times that amount here in Thailand. It has a main inner gauge which is inside a larger container, which serves as overflow catch. The main gauge holds the same amount as shown in your picture. To the top about 60mm. But I had to have some help from a friend at the Thai Met Dept (TMD)as to where to locate this. There is a science supply store just past, west of, the bus station at Ekkamai. The science museum is close by. The gauge I got was made in England. Cost 2500 baht or something like that. And by the way I had almost 88mm rain Thursday evening around the On Nut area. That’s a lot of rain.

  2. Thanks for your plain, informative, non sensationalist news regarding the floods last year and the recent heavy rain recently. Your blogs are reliable and for someone like me who leaves the Uk for Bangkok around October each year you are a great barometer of flood conditions. I arrived in BKK last year on 29th October when the British Embassy was advising against travel. My Thai Global Network information was showing that the whole City was under water yet you were quite specific in your writing advising what areas you’d seen that were operating as normal. I arrived at Suvarnabhumi and the taxi ride to Nonthaburi, near Chaeng Wattana was clear and effortless. Well done for all your work it’s appreciated.

  3. I like to read good objective reporting such as yours. Thanks very much for all the on-the-spot plainspeak. This is what helps the traveller to gauge the situation in the destination.

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