The Paknam-Bangkok Railway

The Paknam-Bangkok Railway

The first railway in Thailand used to run from Paknam in Samut Prakan into Bangkok. The terminal station was in front of Hua Lamphong where Rama IV Road is now. Back then there weren’t so many lanes. The railway was opened in 1893 with steam trains. At that time Paknam was an important fishing port. Later the steam trains were replaced by electric trams. The line was finally closed in 1959 and the track was pulled up. Today there is little evidence that it ever existed apart from a road that bears it’s name. Now, some of the original running stock has arrived back in Paknam. One of the steam trains, a carriage and a tram.

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  1. hi Richard……….I went to pak nam last june 2016 the tram has been moved do you know where it is now? many thanks doug

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