No Foreigners Allowed in this Shop in MBK in Bangkok

No Foreigners Allowed in this Shop in MBK in Bangkok

Many shops have signs on the door that say things like “no smoking”, “no food” and “no pets”. But this one goes a step further by suggesting that “no foreigners” are allowed as well. The picture was posted on Twitter today by @baconbkk. According to his tweets, this shop that clearly says “only Thai customers” can be found on the ground floor of MBK near Starbucks. They apparently sell bags and jewellery. I am not sure what their reason of refusing foreign customers is, but it is certainly strange. Money is money after all, no matter who it comes from. Anyway, if you feel offended by this, you could complain directly to MBK by using this online form. Or you could go direct to the shop and ask them why they feel that they need to do this.

28 thoughts on “No Foreigners Allowed in this Shop in MBK in Bangkok

  1. To be honest as a foreigner myself i don’t see any problem with this. Perhaps the shop doesn’t have english speaking staff or they don’t want to speak english. or perhaps they just dont like rude, loud foreigners insulting them by trying to haggle. Either way im sure they have a good reason that means more to them than money. why doesnt someone just ask them?

  2. I don’t see any of problem with this either and am warmingly welcomed because I’m not Farang but same Asian myself like them.

  3. I’ve been to this shop before and no, they don’t sell fake rolexes. They’re a genuine shop with quite good service actually, although i don’t understand why they wouldn’t allow foreigners in.

  4. Unacceptable by any measure. Obviously its a violation of something that they do not want Farang’s to observe because they are probably ripping off the locals. Sad this idea of exclusion.

  5. Hi i feel its not offensive as they did not specifically mention any race or religion may be they have their reasons one reason i can think of is the lack of english speaking sales person and i’m sure in Thailand it costs more to hire one that speaks english

    1. There is nothing more ridiculous and hypocrite than an Asian who is writing in English in a farang’s blog and doing it probably by an iphone seating in a starbuck drinking café a latte giving lessons to a westerners?

      It does not matter if are you from a dictatorial communist Asian country where you are not even allow to freely write your opinion in a blog or you are a from a new rich Asian country that is following and copying the farang capitalism.

      In the sign it says only thai people. Like you or not it affects you as well. And maybe you did not understand that’s why the sign it is creating polemic.

      But probably you are more close to the thais and you still disliking and hating farangs but using and consuming all that farang made.

  6. Well its better not allow farangs inside their shop, atleast that way they can not take farang price 😀 well some places in Thailand other Asian than Thai is not welcome also, so i dont see a problem here about that topic, i think its a great way to ” be seen “, that shop gets alot of free advertising 😉

  7. they are a private business and have the right to refuse service to whom? the please,
    and it’s nice they make that choice public

  8. It’s unconstitutional.

    Section 30. All persons are equal before the law and shall enjoy equal protection under the law.

    Men and women shall enjoy equal rights.

    Unjust discrimination against a person on the grounds of the difference in origin, race, language, sex, age, disability, physical or health condition, personal status, economic or social standing, religious belief, education or constitutionally political view, shall not be permitted.

  9. I’d like to extend my welcoming wishes when Thai people vist our countries. The Thais, most of them lovely people, need to have a solid deep look at their xenophobia… Sure tourists can be obnoxious rude and embarrassing, but any Thai person or business should factor in the percentage of GDP tourism brings and many of them should consider their own obsession with things Western. And factor in globalisation.

    I would never reject or treat a foreigner with disdain, it shows lack of compassion, open mindedness and understanding.

    When I’m in the West, say Melbourne Australia for example, and a Chinese migrant blatantly pushes in front of me
    in line, I explain to the person that that’s not cool here and won’t be accepted… Usually to their surprise…

    Yes, there are many dodgy tourists in Thailand, they could be western or Asian, but there are twice as many considerate ones!

    I’ think Thais who are xenophobic and dislike foreigners should feel as embarrassed about their attitude as I feel about arrogant westerners in Thailand.

  10. MBK receives more foreign tourists than any other shopping mall in Bangkok, perhaps even the whole of Thailand – in fact, when you walk around MBK you’ll find that foreigners easily outnumber Thais. To have a store not allow foreigners in is racist and has nothing to do with not having English speaking staff. In fact, throughout most stores in Thailand, even in tourist areas, most staff don’t speak English so if this were the reason, 98% of stores in Thailand would have need to have such signs up. Besides, as one poster has correctly pointed out, many foreigners can also speak Thai these days. I wonder if this store still has that sign up, or if things have changed? I’m sure many complaints would have filtered in about this.

    @Dongho Won nobody including Thais wants to know bigots like you. Go back to your hole in Korea or wherever you came from. Why would Thais want to get to know you? Because you look the same as them? F*** off loser…racists like you aren’t welcome here in Thailand or anywhere else. Also, at the store in question you wouldn’t be welcomed either.

  11. Okay, I visited this damn place “WARA” in March and I wasn’t allowed in (I’m brown, but British) with the staff saying “closed”. I genuinely thought they were closed for the timing so I let it be. About 2 hours later, when I saw a lot of Caucasians inside, I tried to get in again assuming it’s open. Ah, to my surprise, I got the same response “closed” and they didn’t let me in. Now something didn’t quite add up and I started getting the gist of it. At that very moment, a white gentleman walked out of the shop and I just asked him whether the shop was closed – he went on to say the shop was open and the staff were trying to sell him fake handbags at literally what the originals cost. I was disgusted as this was clearly nothing but racism. Yes, racism. I was so angry that I went to the custome services on the same floor towards the entrance and let them know. I was asked to fill out an official complaint, which I duly did. I was even pointed towards and online way of registering my complaint – which I did later in the evening.

    To conclude, around 2 weeks later, I got an email from MBK saying that they’ve warned the shop owner about this and this will not be tolerated by them and will be asked to shut shop if it continues. Around 3 weeks after that I got another email giving me similar details. I don’t really care as I won’t go back, but atleast the misconception that this is not racist on the shop owners is put to rest – THEY ARE RACIST. PERIOD.

  12. I think they sell watches which they don’t pay taxes on. Being honest its pathetic how MBK can allow this to go on, as i am sure MBK runs on tourists. They even sell bags and show you magazines to choose from, it might be normal here. Place like MBK has people waiting in line to rent shops, the management should get rid of these kind of shops as anyone would gladly take over the space.

  13. I had a very bad experience with a shop owner. He was abusive and used very foul language . Where can I register a complain against him .

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