Thai Outrage about Buddha Head Lollipops in America

Thai Outrage about Buddha Head Lollipops in America

The front page of Kom Chad Luek, a Thai national newspaper, has a story and pictures about an American company that is producing Buddha objects. If you have been in Thailand for any length of time, then you would know that Thais are very sensitive about Buddha images. Even in newspapers where the position on the page has to be be respectful. For example, you cannot have a picture of a road accident above an image of the Buddha. As you can see from this screenshot, the company is making Buddha head lollipops, Buddha candles and even a Ronald McDonald sitting in meditation like the Buddha. The Thai embassy in America has been asked to look into this matter.

7 thoughts on “Thai Outrage about Buddha Head Lollipops in America

  1. Its always a bit difficult to deal with religious items when they are not from your own cultural circle. Also in Europe you find a lot of Buddha statues as decoration equipment for “Asian Style” living. Placed on the floor of the local DYO-store this is an affront for religious buddhists but not intended or understood by the shop staff.

  2. ..and not to forget the famous Buddha Bar in Paris ads elsewhere..
    But there is also a brand of jeans called Jesus! OMG !

  3. Everybody feels “his” religion is something special, while other look at it from a sociological point of view. How many Thais are walking around with a big Jezus Cross around their neck or on their shirt and see it only as fashion. How many use the swastika as a Boedhist symbole while others see it in connection with nazi’s In every shop, bar in thailand, where they sell or show nazi symbols or even sschools in Chiang Mai who parade in nazi uniforms, dont seem to understand the feelings in other countries. You get the answer your problem, your war. Zo maybe it is time not to take anything so serious. I suppose the company that makes the Buddha objects has no bad intentions, just doing bussiness. Better they not export to Thailand. What believe concerns let everybody stick ti himself and not tell others what to feel or to do. If people feel like it, forbid the production and sale in Thailand, up to other countries what they do. For one it is God, for another Buddha or Allah.

  4. I think, the believe and faith is the deeply feeling, please respect to each other and concern the feeling of the other human race, The earth with out the faith like a the human just like a man lonely swimming in the ocean with out the life vest, so the religion is like the life vest, man can survive form the danger.

    I will forgive the attacker, but please admire consciously to separate the white and back will lead the way how to we live with another peacefully.

    I hope every life desire the peace; I wish every one peacefully happy

  5. fake buddhist only will trouble with sculpture picture , Buddha statue is not Buddha

    create Buddha statue start after the prophet nipparn(died) more 400 year , Buddha statue is not thing have in Buddhism religion but accept influence from greece gods

    wrong principle for create sculpture picture to be real Buddha , Monk say “real buddhist not pray to sculpture”

    if buddhist will blame foreigner they should blame himself because they creator

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