Hot Weather in Thailand and Record Temperatures

Hot Weather in Thailand and Record Temperatures

It is definitely getting very hot in Thailand. Power consumption is breaking records as everyone is turning on the air-conditioning. Water parks are also doing good business. Temperatures in the north were the hottest. On Sunday, the hottest place in Thailand was Sukhothai at 40.2 Celsius. In Bangkok it peaked at 39.2 Celsius. At least we have the shopping malls to escape to in order to cool down. Other provinces that have been the hottest so far this year are Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Lamphun, Tak, Phrae and Nong Bua Lamphu.

It may seem very hot but we are not breaking any temperature records yet.  The highest temperature in Thailand in the last 10 years was 44 Celsius in Mae Hong Son on 15 May 2010.  The highest temperature in 60 years was 44.5 Celsius on 27 April 1960 in Uttaradit.  The hottest this year so far was a mere 41.2 Celsius in Tak. But, the summer isn’t over yet. The Meteorological Department is predicting that 25-26 April will be the hottest days of the year. They say that a combination of no clouds and no rain will raise temperatures to about 42 Celsius in some areas.

2 thoughts on “Hot Weather in Thailand and Record Temperatures

  1. Thailand’s weather is amazing pretty much all year round it gets both hot AND humid which can make it tough for those of us how live in cooler climates like myself (New Zealand)

  2. Yesterday – Sunday, 5 April – was the hottest so far this year (in Surin province). The maximum recorded, outside the house and in the “standard” set up in shadow, was 41.0 C.

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