Deep Fried Chocolate Bars in Thailand

Deep Fried Chocolate Bars in Thailand

It might not be too long before deep fried Mars Bars find their way onto the menu of a five star hotel in Bangkok. This is according to a story in the Daily Recordwhich tells the story of a former backpacker from Scotland who is now the executive chef at Novotel hotel on Siam Square. “Wherever I go,” says 29 year old Lisa, ” I always make deep-fried Mars bars for the staff. When I did it here, they went crazy for them and asked for more. Now I make them every week. I haven’t managed to slip them into the dining room yet but give me time.”

When I tweeted this news this afternoon, I got a reply from @barryprice who said that deep-fried mars bars have been available  in Bangkok for years. “They’ve been on the menu at Oh My Cod in Soi Rambutri since about 2006.” I am not sure of the price but I am sure they are expensive. An average chocolate bar costs about the same as a bowl of noodles. It is not the kind of thing that Thais will buy as it is a luxury. However, what I have seen a  lot of is deep-fried ice cream. Sometimes in a normal foodshop. Other times being sold by a street hawker.

Have you seen anything like this in Bangkok or the rest of Thailand?

4 thoughts on “Deep Fried Chocolate Bars in Thailand

  1. It should be a hit in the land where even bread is too sweet to eat, and ‘tea’ is orange coloured liquid sugar. I remember when I first asked for tea ‘mai waan’ (not sweet). Apparently it doesn’t mean ‘not sweet’, it means ‘only 8 spoons of sugar, not the full 15’ 😉

  2. Wayne I don’t really mind the sugar myself, but the habit of adding chilli to sweet things is annoying sometimes… Mu friend’s wife got a pack of delicious fresh strawberries, so I asked her for some sugar to dip them in, she brought back sugar mixed with dry chilli….

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